Built-Up Roofing (BUR)

by Jan 4, 2016Blog

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Built-up roof membranes, also referred to as BUR, are most commonly referred to as gravel and tar roofs, and are composed of reinforced fabrics and alternating layers or bitumen that create a membrane that is finished. This type of roofing is usually considered, if applied directly to insulation or the decks of roofs, to be fully adhered.

The bitumen that is usually used in built-up roofing system is usually cold-applied adhesive, coal tar or asphalt. The coal tar or asphalt is usually heated inside a tanker or a kettle and applied by using either a mechanical spreader, or a mop. Surfaces that are used for built-up roofing systems are usually gravel, mineral granules, slag, glass-fiber, mineral surfaced cap sheets, hot asphalt after it has been mopped over the surface entirely, elastomeric coatings or aluminum coatings.

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