Shingle Roof Repair

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Shingle Roof Repair – What’s that dripping noise?  Watch out!  Those little drops of water from your leaking roof can cause big problems down the line. Shingle Roof Repair by New Roof Long Island can help!


It starts out as an annoyance, like a puddle in the morning you have to mop up or streaks of unsightly staining on the side of a brick chimney.  A few weeks later, you notice wallpaper peeling and plasterboard buckling from the moisture.  Months down the line, that accumulating water will have caused the baseboards to rot and life-threatening black mold may be growing in the vents or within the walls themselves.  There are no cheap and easy fixes once the problem gets that bad.

Ignoring Shingle Roof Repair

Ignoring that roof leak until later will cost you in the long run.  Take control of the problem and spare your wallet by calling New Roof Long Island for a free quote. Dial 631-488-1420 and one of our friendly and experienced Roof Repair Long Island technicians will discuss your options.

At New Roof, we have 30 years of experience with roof repair long island, from spotting tiny holes in the roof to seamlessly reconstructing the original look of the house after significant water damage.  Notice a window leaking when the rain hits just right?  We offer window and skylight repair services, too.  We’ll clean up the damaged structures of your house, patch the leaks, and seal them so this problem doesn’t happen again.  Our team of licensed and trained technicians will get your house watertight, quickly and for a reasonable price.

We’re a fully licensed and insured service, knowledgeable on cutting-edge repair materials and techniques, and we will get your house up to code.  We are a Gaf Certified Contractor, and a Platinum Preferred Roofing Contractor through Owens Corning.  Our three offices in Long Island, New York let us offer prompt roof repair in Nassau County and Suffolk County including NYC, Queens, and the Hamptons.

We pride ourselves in offering excellent customer service and doing quality work, and our high rating with the Better Business Bureau reflects that.  Homeowners throughout the region rely on us, and we hope you will, too.

Call 631-488-1420 for a free estimate, and we’ll take care of the rest.