New Windows Save Money On Energy Costs

by Feb 25, 2015Blog

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Did you know that about 10-25% of your heating costs is due to heat loss through windows?

This loss may be due to poorly designed windows that loose more heat than expected. Your windows could be too old, cracked not properly insulated leading to drafts. Whatever the case heat loss through windows is an issue every homeowner should address.

You can reduce your energy costs by replacing your windows. If you are constructing a new home, the best option is to use energy efficient windows. These windows may seem expensive, but the cost is worth it. The Cold Climate Housing Research Center (CCHRC) researchers estimate that the additional cost of energy efficient windows for an 1800 square foot house can be recouped in less than seven years. Thus, it is much cheaper, in the long run, to use a triple pane window with a low heat emission levels (emissivity) coating than use a double pane window of same quality but higher. The later will conserve less heat than the former.

Energy star notes that home owners will save money by replacing their windows. There are also federal tax credits and incentives for replacing your old windows with energy star windows.

Although experts differ on the cost-effectiveness of replacing windows to save on energy costs, few doubt that new windows save money. If you replace single pane windows with double pane windows in a house measuring 2000 square foot, using energy efficient windows you are likely to experience energy savings based on your location in the United States and the number of windows you replace. This is according to the findings by Efficient Windows Collaborative, coalition of government agencies, research organizations and researchers involved in promoting efficient windows technology.

However using new windows will not just help you save on energy bills. The “Remodeling Magazine”, in its Cost vs Value Report, notes that window replacement is one of the best home remodeling projects with regard to return on investments. According to the report, you can realize 72% of the project cost in added home value if you use vinyl windows. For wood, the cost can be recouped at 78%. This translates to 8,000 -10,400 dollars’ worth of value addition to the property.

Replacing your old windows will not only help save money but also add value to your home. Start saving money today and replace your old windows in your home.

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