Resolving Common Roof Problems for Commercial Buildings

by Oct 24, 2015Blog

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Getting to the bottom of a commercial roof leak can be frustrating, but there’s a few precautions that can be followed to keep a roof sturdy – and an interior dry. Thankfully, we’ve compiled some excellent tips regarding resolving common roof problems for¬†commercial buildings. So with this being said, here’s a look at a few solutions for common commercial roof problems… and a few simple hints as to how to avoid them altogether.

Roof Leaks

Roof leaks are a common roof problem for commercial building, as the damage – and the erosion it causes – help a small problem develop into a much larger issue. Simple indications for a leaky roof could be mold or water visible from the ceiling. Since a roof leak can be very costly to repair, the best precaution (between time and money) would be avoiding it altogether. Preventive maintenance programs can reduce or eliminate the leak to avoid complications in the future. Routinely hiring a professional to check your roof can save you money – and damage – in the long run, so doing so is advised.

Billowing, Tenting or Blow-Offs

Tenting occurs when the roof isn’t applied properly, which creates billowing and blow-offs to the roof’s surface. To avoid billowing to being with, you should provide the contractor with building codes and proper specifications of the area so that the new roof is installed properly.

Ponding of Water

The ponding of water occurs on a roof after a rainfall, as the aftermath takes a serious toll on the lifespan. If you find a puddle of water on your roof that’s been around for more than two days, it’s time to call in a professional. It should also be noted that a puddle one inch deep can weigh a little over five pounds… which can lead to a collapsing roof in extreme cases. However, a great way to stop this problem – before it starts – would be applying a tapered roof or a roof drain. Another thing to look for would be flashing, as they can be the cause for ponding as well.

With roof issues stemming from improper installation or repair, relying on a professional is important. Thankfully, New Roof Long Island is here to keep your roof in excellent shape and protecting everything beneath it. With New Roof Long Island, expect a lasting roof… with little need for maintenance.

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