Slate Roofing

by Jan 4, 2016Blog

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When it comes to slate roofing, our company gets the job done the right way. We are well aware that all of our customers and clients are looking for experience, convenience and efficiency, which is what we boast the most, next to our appropriate skills to complete each job. Not only can we assist you when it comes to the installation process, but we can even repair or take out old slate roofing all together, plus we can make a recommendation based on what you’re looking for when it comes to your new slate roofing.

For generations, slate has always been acclaimed as the roofing material that takes the cake over all of the rest. It’s manufactured to uniform thickness by being created into thin tiles, and has the most durability out of every shingle available, which is why slate roofing is the best. It enhances the overall aesthetic design of any and all buildings, because of its rich texture and colors that come in a wide variety. From energy conservation to appearance and its longevity, slate roofing has multiple benefits that knock every other material for shingles straight out of the ball park.

Our company works with various other companies when it comes to slate roofing, so we know what is best for your specific style of roof, regardless of whether or not it’s flat or sloped. Advanced materials technology has given us the gift of new roofing materials being generated over the past few years, and remains the leader when it comes to the most hassle-free, and long lasting, roofing material.

For thirty five years we have provided the residents of Manhattan, Long Island, the Hamptons and various other areas of New York with picture perfect roofs. We are forever at the ready when it comes to making an excellent installation for your roof that will match any quality of slate, or any other roofing material. We guarantee it! All of our workers have the skills and training that you are looking for, and we provide the highest quality, and most professional, customer service on the market. Regardless of whether or not it’s institutional, residential or commercial installations that need doing, we are the best choice when it comes to slate roofing, and we guarantee that one hundred and ten percent.

Not only can we remove your old slate roofing, but we can install the new roofing on a specific section of your home if you’re not looking to have it all replaced or removed. We can even match the new slate roofing to match the existing pieces that are already there. If you need slate repaired, we can do that as well.

Enter your personal and project information into the boxes to the right of this page, and we will personally call you once we have a personalized quote for you! We take all of our jobs individually because each one is different, and we pride ourselves in this. Once we have your quote to you, we can go from there.

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