Specialty Roofing Shingles

by Jan 4, 2016Blog

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At New Roof Long Island, we have partnered up with some of the more major roofing material companies, to ensure that we beat any and all contractor quotes. For requests that need to be filled specifically, such as specialty roofing shingles, we have exactly what you need.

One of the many companies who we are partnered with are GAF Roofing, who provide specialty roofing shingles at your request, such as Grand Sequoia IR, Timberline Cool Series, and the Timberline ArmorShield roofing shingles. They also include roof products and accessories, various options and multiple colors to choose from GAF’s Grand Sequioa roofing shingles, for example, offer a lifetime warranty and come with non-prorated coverage when it comes to the first ten years they are applied. Another one of our preferred companies who we partner with is Owens Corning, who have a wide variety of shingles that we personally use.

Another company that we are partnered up with is Firestone, who offer roof accessories and multiple products, a wide range of options to choose from and various different colors when it comes to the shingles themselves, so you can be sure that there will always be a color to match your style. Firestone offers EPDM, TPO, metal, asphalt, green, insulation, modular systems and various other roofing accessories and products, to ensure that there is always something for everything, especially when it comes to the specialty roofing shingles.

For example, Firestone’s TPO single-ply membranes for roofing, also known as thermoplastic polyolefin, are among one of the many specialty commercial and residential roofing products that have gained a broad acceptance in both the commercial and residential industry. This is because of their installation advantages, as well as the many performance benefits that they bring. We highly recommend their specialty shingles, because they provide resistance that is nothing but exceptional to ozone, ultraviolet and even chemical exposure. Firestone offers UltraPly TPO, Platinum TPO, Ultraply TPO XR, UltraPly TPO SA, UltraBlend Roofing System, UltraPly TPO InvisiWeld System and UltraPly TPO accessories for all of your specialty roofing shingles needs.

Another company that we work closely and have partnered up with, is CertainTeed. Not only does this company work with residential and commercial roofing shingles, but they also have export and solar options as well, to suit all specialty shingle needs. For example, CertainTeed is the only company that backs both professionals installation for solar PV systems using a network of contractors, which include our company, today. We work with CertainTeed because their specialty roofing shingles are among some of the best that we have ever used.

When it comes to specialty roofing shingles, why settle for less? By entering your personal and project information into the box on the right side of this page, you will give us everything we need to know when it comes to aiding you and getting the installation job one hundred percent perfectly done. So get in contact with us today, because our work is guaranteed to last and is also guaranteed to get done properly the first time around. If necessary, we can even take your old shingles down for you, make any necessary repairs, and go from there.

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