The Roof-Stability Factor While Installing Solar Panels

by Apr 29, 2015Blog

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Many homeowners across the country are now opting for renewable energy options such as solar power. Going green is the need of the hour and sustainable options such as these are important with reference to environment-friendliness. If you have planned on getting solar panels installed on your roof, one of the first questions that come to your mind is whether your existing roof will be able to bear the weight of the solar installation and if it will be stable.

The Installation

The other things you are thinking about are whether solar panel installations will cause a leak in the roof; whether the surface is large enough to hold all the panels and whether the orientation of your roof will capture the maximum amount of sunlight. Before we go ahead, it’s important to understand that solar panels can be installed on locations other than the roof.

You can choose to have them installed on shade awnings, poles, ground mounts or even a detached garage. However roof mounting is the commonest and in most instances, the best option for installing solar panels. These panels are very durable & sturdy and can also last for a number of years. Most are layered with tempered glass which gives them the strength to withstand hail & extreme environments.

Things to Consider

When you get the installation done from an expert company, they use high quality products and installation methods and the panels are able to withstand winds of upto 100mph. All of this is important, but the other things you should be taking into consideration are:

  • If your roofing is old or in a bad condition, it might be a better idea to replace the roofing before getting the solar panels installed. This is financially smart decision as you do not want to bear the additional expense of taking-off the solar installation before you get the roof repaired or replaced. Removal and re-installation of the solar panels will incur a service fee.
  • Get a licensed and experienced roofing contractor to survey your roof and give you an expert opinion about whether  the existing roof is stable and strong enough to bear the weight  of the solar panel installation

Interestingly, once you have resolved this problem and get the solar panels installed, they actually provide a protective cover for your roof. They block the UV rays and prevent most rain, snow, hail/ anything from hitting the roofing. They also help in lowering the indoor temperature in the summer months.

Point to Note

Most installations will not require you to replace your existing roof. However, it’s always best to get the roof assessed before you make your final decision.  It is possible to install solar panels on any type of roofing but it is crucial that the roof be strong and stable.  Regardless of what the age of the roof is, if you are considering getting solar panels installed, sturdiness and stability are the factors that matter the most.

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