Torch Down Roofing

by Jan 4, 2016Blog

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When it comes to flat roofs, torch down roofing in the most frequently used materials for the process. These techniques are used by installing sheets that overlap. This area is heated using a torch, so the overlapping pieces bond together. This method is also known as rubberized asphalt, and creates an extremely high resistant, durable roof, giving the roof an average lifespan of approximately twenty years.

This method is widely used, especially by our company, because it makes flat roofs highly beneficial for collecting water in certain spots, which helps it to run off properly. Rubberized technologies are best for older buildings, such as commercial or business buildings, that are experiencing problems with their drainage systems because of small puddles that form over time. However, when you use the torch roof technique, you are allowing these small puddles to either run off the building completely, or they will dry on the exterior of the building.

One of our trusted partnered companies, Owens Corning, supplies us with proper tools to complete our torch down roofing jobs.

In truth, we use this technique because it’s regarded as one of the best types of material for flat roofs that do not drain as quickly as other commercial roofs do. We also use torch roof because it does not require noxious fumes or any other environmental hazards.

If you are in the Brooklyn, Manhattan or any other area of New York and would like to receive a quote or inquire about our services, simply enter your personal and project information into the boxes that are located to the right side of this page. Once we have your personalized quote completed for your project specifically, we will give you a call to make further arrangements. We offer nothing but the best quality service, especially when it comes to torch down roofing, and we pride ourselves in our professional customer service, as well as our flawless finished products.

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