Types of Roofing Shingles

by Feb 25, 2015Blog

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Shingles have been used for roofing on homes across America for decades now. Over the years, with advances in technology, there has been an evolution in the materials used in making them. Let’s take a look at the different types of shingles and what their distinctive individual features are:

  • Asphalt Shingles – These are also called composition shingles and have been used in structures across the country since the turn of the 20th-century.  These could be made either of organic material/fibreglass that is sandwiched between ceramic & asphalt granules. These are extremely lightweight, easy to install, economical, highly durable and fire & wind resistant
  • Slate Shingles – These are a classic and have been used for centuries. They are made of slate and are considered to be a roofing system that can last a lifetime. They are very durable, fire & wind resistant, very strong and have a natural beauty that stays that way for years.
  • Synthetic Roof Slate Shingles – These are essentially a mix of high-quality post industrial & post consumer polymers which are called ACE Compound. It is a very durable and environmentally-safe material that is manufactured without harmful chemicals/plasticizers. These slates have superior wind-resistance and are flame-retardant as well as fade-resistant. They are made from recycled waste & are completely recyclable and become a truly environment-friendly option.
  • Wood Shingles– These are another classic and add a very rustic charm to a house structure.  Different wood species are used to make these shingles and at times, they could be made from reclaimed wood too. With regular maintenance, a wood shingle roof can last upto 50 years. It also offers high-resistance to rot & insect infestation.  Chemical preservatives and fire retardants can be applied  to up the resilience  of the roof
  • Terracotta / Tile Shingles – These combine the beauty of terracotta tiles and the functionality of shingles. They are available in a range of earthy colours and have a vitreous ceramic coating that protects them from the harsh rays of the sun. They are salt-safe & frost resistant, which makes them ideal for coastal areas in Australia
  • Metal Shingles – These are a considerably new addition to the shingle family. Today, it is possible to get metal shingles in a range of colours, can be rendered in different finishes; and made to look like clay or wooden shakes. They could be made of aluminium alloys or steel and have specialised coatings that reflect the sun’s rays and add to the energy-efficiency of a structure.

As you can see, shingles could be made from a variety of materials. The ones you choose will be dependent on your personal preference, the look of the structure you are going to use them for and your budget.

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