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Call New Roof Long Island today 866-206-8801 for professional roofing help with any storm damage, roof damage, roof leaks, and any other roof repairs. We are ready to service all of your roofing needs in Long Island, Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Manhattan, Staten Island, and Westchester, NY. Call or Request your Free Roof Quote today. We have experience servicing all roof types and roofing materials.

We are the premier roofing company located in Long Island New York. Serving the Nassau and Suffolk County area for over 30 years we prove to be the best roofing contractors around. We know how important it is for the job to be done correctly which is why we treat every home like it is our own. Our roofing contractors are employed by our company and we will never outsource your roofing job to other roofing companies. We will see your roofing job through from start to finish. Go with the roofing company you can trust... New Roof Long Island.

Residential Roofing Long Island:
residential roofing long islandWe are the residential roofing specialists making sure your home is protected from expensive leak damage.  We are licensed and certified in installing any roofing product and guarantee our work for many years to come!  If you are looking for a roofing company to fix your existing roof or installing a new roof, New Roof Long Island is your company!  We have been installing and servicing roofs for over 35 years and we will beat any competitor pricing!

Commercial Roofing Long Island:
Commercial Flat Roof leaking?  Call New Roof Long Island Today to fix any issues with your Commercial Roofing System.  We are licensed and Insured to work on your building and have the proper insurance coverage that most roofing companies do not have.  We guarantee our work and know you will be satisfied with our work!  We will beat any competitor quote for a new commercial roofing system!  Get your quote then call us!  We will use the same or better materials and the service you deserve guaranteed!  Whether big or small, New Roof Long Island can handle all of your commercial roofing needs. With a variety of superior roofing products and up to date installation techniques, we are the contractors to call for any roofing jobs on Long Island.

Roof Leaking on Long Island?
roof-leaking-long-islandIf you see wet spots on your ceiling don't wait to get it checked out!  If you wait too long the damaged caused to your home can be much more expensive.  Sometimes finding the leak and stopping it is the best alternative.  We have specialized equipment that scans your roof and finds the problem at the source.  We are experts in finding roof leaks and fixing them the first time!  Don't waste valuable time and money with other roofing contractors, call New Roof Long Island Today!

New Roof Installation Long Island:
new-roof-installation-long-islandDo you know for sure you need a new roof?  Contact New Roof Long Island today for a quote!  We will be any price from a professional roofing company.  We have over 35 years in the roofing business and will provide professional guaranteed work for years to come.  Be assured that your new roof installation whether commercial or residential will be 100% perfect!  We are licensed and have the proper insurance that most roofing contractors or handymen do not have.  Make sure you have professional certified roofers with proper insurance coverage before letting them on your property!  Call New Roof Long Island Today!

Roof Removals on Long Island
roof-removals-long-islandNew Roof Long Island will remove all types of roofing: Shake Roofing, Shingle Roofing, Tile Roofing, Composition Roofing, Rock Roofing, and Capsheet Roofs.  We remove from any Residential, Commercial or Industrial Buildings as well as apartments and home owner associations.  We work for the property owner or the contractor that wants to take on a roofing job.  Call New Roof Long Island Today!

Roof Maintenance Long Island
roof-maintenance-long-islandAlthough some roof systems take less maintenance than others, all roof systems should be checked periodically to be sure that they are free of debris and your drains are clear. You should have your roof inspected 2 times a year.

Roof Repairs on Long Island
roof-repairs-long-islandRepairing your roof is not an easy task.  If done improperly you could damage your roof and cause water leaks into your home.  Have New Roof Long Island inspect your home today!

Emergency Roof Repair and Service on Long Island
emergency-roof-repair-and-serviceHail, snow, ice, heavy rain, melting snow, sun damage, storms and other natural disasters can cause damage to your roof.   We have an emergency response team that are available for all your emergency roofing needs.  A leaking roof is something that needs to be fixed as soon as possible.  The longer you wait to fix your leaky roof, the more money customers tend to spend on repairs for their home. 

We have over 35 years of roofing repair experience.  We can fix any of your roofing issues.  Contact New Roof Long Island Today!

We are partnered with the major roofing material companies and will beat any roofing contractor quotes. Get your price then call us for a free roofing estimate. We travel across Nassau County, Suffolk County and Queens New York installing new roofs and fixing old leaky roofs.

If you are looking to fix leaks in your current roof or if you want a brand new roof, look no further. We will fix your current roof or do a roof rip and install a new roof usually in 1 day with very minimal mess!  (commercial roofing may be longer)

Contact New Roof Long Island Today: 866-206-8801

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